Michael Hofmann Counselling and Psychotherapy


My Therapeutic Approach…

My approach to therapy is humanistic, person centered and integrative. Integrative means that I can draw from different schools of psychotherapy. Using and combining elements of e.g. Gestalt, CBT and Psychoanalysis enables me to address each client more individually in order to find the best fitting therapy plan. Research indicates that an integrative style has a higher success rate than relying on a single approach. When treating depression for example, CBT is extremely helpful to address functional aspects of depression and results will usually be seen rather quick but might not always be sustainable. However, when CBT is combined with a modality which addresses the roots of the issue(s), such as the person centered approach, recovery is more likely to be sustainable. I believe that a person generally has the necessary resources in order to deal with his / her struggles and to enjoy a fulfilling life.

I offer a safe space to my clients where they can take the time to re-connect with themselves and to attend to their emotional needs. This safe space is also an opportunity to be real, to be able to speak about what they really think and feel. This process is liberating, provides relief and helps my clients to get new perspectives on their issues.

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Counselling / Psychotherapy

I provide short term counselling (usually 6-20 sessions) in order to help individuals deal with specific life events or crisis. I also provide psychotherapy for those who want to gain a deeper understanding of their feelings, thoughts and relationships. Psychotherapy usually lasts longer than counselling.
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