Michael Hofmann

Michael Hofmann (MIAHIP)
Michael Hofmann (MIAHIP)Counsellor and Psychotherapist
Grad. Dip. Counselling/Psychotherapy
Dip. Integrative Clinical Psychotherapy

(085) 788 5865

My name is Michael Hofmann and I am a fully qualified and accredited counsellor and psychotherapist. I am awarded a graduate diploma in integrative counselling and psychotherapy by Dublin City University (DCU) and a diploma in integrative clinical psychotherapy including CBT (TPTI). I am affiliated with the IAHIP (Irish Association of Humanistic and Integrative Psychotherapy) and adhere in full to their code of ethics. I provide a strictly confidential counselling and psychotherapy service in English as well as in German.

I established Hopeman Counselling and Psychotherapy. The name Hopeman (literally translated means Hofmann in German) is inspired by the fact that hope is very important in order to recover from emotional and mental distress. I see a part of my role as a counsellor to hold hope and believe in my client’s abilities to change their life for the better. I am also keen to reduce stigma and to promote a positive attitude towards mental health issues. I write about mental health in magazines and have also spoken about coping with mental illness on Irish radio stations (please see below Michael in the Media)

I am 45 years of age and originally from Germany. I am living since more than 10 years in Ireland and have found my roots here. Before I came to Ireland I have lived in a number of other countries and I have experienced different cultures and societies. Prior to changing my career to counselling and psychotherapy I was employed for more than 15 years in business administration and marketing.

Besides seeing clients in my private practice, I also worked for a number of years as a psychotherapist for the Living Life Counselling Centre in Bray, co. Wicklow. I engaged with an extensive range of mental health issues and worked with clients from various age groups, nationalities and backgrounds. From October 2014 until September 2017 I was also a member of the clinical team of Dublin City Counselling and Psychotherapy and got clients referred on a regular basis.

Within my work I mainly focus on bereavement, relationship issues, anxiety and issues related to abuse. I specialize in treating clients with depression and apply therapeutic approaches which are based on the latest research and have the highest success rate.

I also focus on therapy for those who need to adapt and adjust to new and possibly difficult life circumstances, e.g. migration, relationship break up, relocation, coping with illness, change of job etc. Because of my own personal and professional experience I understand issues related to the workplace quite well e.g. stress, bullying and burn out. I am working with Irish clients on a regular basis and I also have experience in engaging with clients from other nationalities and cultures.

I get great fulfillment and meaning from my work as a counsellor and psychotherapist and I am deeply moved when my clients share a part of their life with me.

My approach to therapy is humanistic, person centered and integrative. Integrative means that I can draw from different schools of psychotherapy. Using and combining elements of e.g. Gestalt, CBT and Psychoanalysis enables me to address each client more individually in order to find the best fitting therapy plan. Research indicates that an integrative style has a higher success rate than relying on a single approach. When treating depression for example, CBT is extremely helpful to address functional aspects of depression and results will usually be seen rather quick but might not always be sustainable. However, when CBT is combined with a modality which addresses the roots of the issue(s), such as the person centered approach, recovery is more likely to be sustainable. I believe that a person generally has the necessary resources in order to deal with his / her struggles and to enjoy a fulfilling life.

I offer a safe space to my clients where they can take the time to re-connect with themselves and to attend to their emotional needs. This safe space is also an opportunity to be real, to be able to speak about what they really think and feel. This process is liberating, provides relief and helps my clients to get new perspectives on their issues.

Article in Hot Press Magazine

Hot Press magazine is Ireland’s legendary and highly controversial Music, Pop Culture, Entertainment, Politics & Opinion Magazine. On the occasion of Mental Health Awareness Week Hot Press included a mental health special in Issue 18. I was asked by the magazine to write an article about overcoming depression. Please find the link to the article below.

Hot Press Article

Radio Interview – Radio upbeat

Radio Upbeat is Ireland’s first all-digital pop-up radio station which was broadcasting on the occasion of Mental Health Awareness Week. I was invited by the radio station to talk about mental health in the Geri Maye show. Please click the play button below to tune in.